IDM Sales Gala


MIT’s Integrated Design & Management (IDM) will host a Sales Gala on Thursday, December 15, 2016, 5:00pm – 9:00pm in the Sloan School of Management Roberts Family Forum/Siteman Dining Room (located in MIT’s building E62, at 100 Main St., Cambridge, MA).

The IDM Sales Gala will showcase products designed, developed, manufactured, and for sale by the students of the second cohort. These beautiful and functional products will make the perfect gift for someone you know.

Stop by to shop and to learn more about the process and the program. Food and beverages will be served at this open reception.

About the Teams


Product Name: The Charles River Reservation Coasters
Team Name: Muddy Charles Coaster Company
Team Members: Jonathan, Kamin, and Suneeta
About the Product:
Muddy Charles Classic Coasters are functional art based on the Danish philosophy of ‘Hygge’ (pronounced hue-gah) – living a healthy, cozy life with simple and warm things in good atmosphere. Multiple layers of sustainably-sourced native hardwood are individually hand-dyed, rubbed, and finished to produce dramatic 3D topographic effects. We handcraft premium coasters that not only tell a powerful story of Bostonians’ way of living along the Charles River, but also blend with every day’s morning, afternoon, and night rituals to make you find your own ‘Hygge’ in every moment. Complement your home with a Muddy.

Dear Deer-03

Product Name: Dear Deer
Team Name: Powerpuff Girls
Team Members: Prerna, Pushpa, and YangYang
About the product:
What happens when you apply Human-Centered Design to a Dinner Party?
We hosted, attended, and interviewed frequent hosts to find out what goes into, and at a dinner party.

We learned that making room to host is a challenge for young, urban hosts. So we set to design a product that increases hosting space while being warm, festive, and playful.

Dear Deers are modern, functional centerpieces for your Dinner Party that stand elegantly between your dishes, and also support your plates and bowls on their antlers, so there’s more room on the table.

Dear Deer: Make Room for Your Dears!


Product Name: GRO Planter
Team Name:
Team Members: Alex, Jin, and John
About the product:
No matter how many staff meetings we attend, no matter how many traffic jams we sit in, we will always be creatures of the earth. We exist to help you ‘gro’ your relationship with the planet by growing your own food. We have designed a LED-enhanced planter that makes growing your own plants easy and sustainable. The Gro solution also comes with unique herbs to add color and nutrition to the foods you eat and helps you become a confident indoor gardener.


Product Name: ōki
Team Name: Team Sauna Grey
Team Members: Fahad, Meg, and Pratik
About the product: Inspired by Japanese mindfulness traditions, ōki is a set for practicing mindfulness in our daily meals. The ōki set is an earthy vessel, two fine chopsticks, wrapped in a raw table cloth. We handcrafted bowls out of concrete, each one designed and poured individually.


Product Name: Padauk Bottle Opener
Team Name: PIVOT
Team Members: Izabela, Laura, and Matt
About the product:
Pivot is a handcrafted beautiful Stainless Steel bottle opener with African Padauk and Purple Heart wood. Designed and made by MIT IDM.



Product Name: Pinch Spice Mill
Team Name: Team Pinch
Team Members: Anna, Guillaume, and Lei 
About the product:

Pinch is a hand-crafted spice mill that adds more than just flavor to your meal, it also acts as a center piece to be shared among friends and family during gatherings. It’s made of reclaimed wood with a stainless steel grinding mechanism built to last you through many daily grinds. All of our supplies are purchased from small businesses in the Cambridge community.

Pinch: Add Spice To Your Daily Grind


Product Name: Spice Palette
Team Name: The Fantastic Three
Team Members: Attia, Prateek, and Yoly
About the product:
Hand Crafted.
Rich Mahogany Wood.
Artfully Etched.

This is no ordinary spice rack. Hand made by three MIT design students, the Spice Palette takes your spices out of hiding, and makes them accessible without using counter space.

Magnetic and made out of mahogany wood, the Spice Palette moves with you… it can be mounted on the wall, slid into a drawer, or on the counter by the stove.

We know the importance of food bringing people together, and the kitchen is the hub of all gatherings. Use our Spice Palette not only to enrich your dishes, but to add beauty and character to your home.