IDM + Altitude Design Process Video

Successful products, services, digital experiences, social initiatives, corporate enterprises, or political movements, require a deep understanding of people’s needs and emotions.

In this video, experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Integrated Design and Management (MITidm) graduate program and Altitude, a world-class human-centered design and innovation studio from Accenture, demonstrate the power of the integrated design process, as they team up to redesign an ordinary product. At the core of the process is empathy—understanding what matters to users and stakeholders. The integrated team of designers, engineers, and strategists collaborate throughout the process to ensure the desirability, feasibility, and viability of the product they develop. They accomplish this through the following steps: explore, express, create, test, implement—all in a culture of collaboration and innovation. In the end, the MITidm + Altitude team invents a product that adds meaningful value to the life of the user. Watch to learn how.