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Exploring & Applying Human-Centered Design

Exploring & Applying Human-Centered Design


Develop an understanding of qualitative user research and concept generation techniques that will help you uncover what people need and develop creative solutions to meet those needs. Maximize the odds of product success and derisk ideas through a deep understanding of customers. Prototype apps and websites using user interface and user experience design principles. Apply these learnings in a team project exploring services and digital products.


Instructor Information

Tony Hu | IDM Director (Full profile)

Andy MacInnis | IDM Technical Instructor (Full profile)

Sheila Pontis, PhD | IDM Lecturer (Full profile)





Creative concept generation
Testing prototypes with users
Presenting wireframe prototypes for an app

Course Learnings

  • Introduction to human-centered design and design frameworks
  • Qualitative research, research planning
  • User research, interviews, observations
  • Research analysis, need finding
  • Personas, journey maps, service blueprints
  • Research review presentations
  • Creative concept generation
  • Digital prototyping – wireframing, site blueprinting, structuring information
  • Usability principles and evaluation
  • Storytelling and designing presentations
  • Final presentations