MIT’s Integrated Design & Management (IDM) will host our 4th Annual Sales Gala on Thursday, December 13, 2018, 6:00pm – 9:00pm in the Sloan School of Management Roberts Family Forum/Siteman Dining Room (located in MIT’s building E62, at 100 Main St., Cambridge, MA).

The IDM Sales Gala will showcase products designed, developed, and manufactured by IDM students. These beautiful and functional kitchen products will be available for purchase at the event and will make the perfect gift for someone you know. Stop by to shop and to learn more about the process and the program. Food and beverages will be served.


Aristotle Chopsticks

By: Helena Briones, Javier Trevino Ruiz, & Daniel Wollin, MD

Fuse, a set of chopsticks made from a combination of cherry, white oak, red oak, mahogany, and walnut that are locally sourced from upcycled wood. This variety of wood is united to form a beautiful banding pattern. Each chopstick is made by hand using food safe materials and the banding pattern is unique for each piece. The carrying case, also handmade, allows you to bring these chopsticks with you anywhere, creating a bond between you and your special set of utensils. Now you can stop using those wasteful single-use chopsticks at restaurants and make every meal a premium experience.

Instagram: @aristotlechopsticks



By: Sabira Lakhani, Ramaa Venkatachari, & Jenson Wu

Botanica is a handcrafted limited edition herb planter that brings life and flavour to your kitchen. Built with self-watering functionality, Botanica makes growing and using your own fresh herbs delightful. Crafted with premium Spanish Cedar, the planter is interactive and customizable, while elegantly becoming part of your cooking rituals. A small batch size planter, designed and crafted at MITidm.

Instagram: @mitbotanica


Footprint LAB

By: Joshua Creamer, Jairo Rodriguez-Travor, Anping Wang, Sharon Yan

Inspired by MIT’s dedication to address society’s greatest challenges, this 4-piece coaster collection celebrates MIT’s footprint in breakthrough innovations throughout history. During this holiday season, allow Footprint Lab to sparkimagination and conversation amongst you and your loved ones. Designed and crafted by MIT IDM students using gold-plated printed circuit board.

Instagram: @footprintlabmit



By: Colorful Onyx – Nikita Bansal, Lara Ortiz-Luis, & Tianqi Zhou

Manaslu means “mountain of the spirit.” Our hand poured wax is made from organic soy and beeswax to ensure natural and long burn times. They’re scented with MUJI essential oils, selected to evoke the Himalayan ambiance. The base is handcrafted concrete, conjuringthe majesty and grandeur of this beautiful Nepalese mountain. This winter, we invite you to take nature back home with you.

Instagram: @manaslucandle



By: Sofia Blumencweig, Dipo Doherty, Ameneh Fadaie, & a.d. stinnett

Taking cues from Metisthe Greek goddessof deep thought and reflection, Metis was designed, handworked, etched, and finished at MITusing both modern processes and ancient metal-bending techniques. Metis represents the parallel exploration of physical material and spiritual movement. We searched for the most powerful ways to imbue emotioninto the rigid structural makeup of [metal] in its default state. Use Metis to serve anything you wish to share: from experiences to feelings.

for: mindful pursuit
from: human minds @ mit

Instagram: @mit.metis



By: Luciana Bueno, Chris Lloyd, & Jasmine Qin

Saturna is a one-of-a-kind decorative tableware inspired by the shape of the sixth planet, bringing a sense of balance, beauty, mindfulness to your dining table. Combining old and new manufacturing processes, each piece is bestowed with naturally occurring uniqueness in its color, sound, and pattern. This vessel is made from metal sand casting, a process that has been practiced for over 3000 years. The surrounding wooden rim is locally and sustainably sourced. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Museum of Science Boston education programming. Designed and crafted at MIT.




By: Chinh Bui, Blanca Foncillas, & Samip Jain

A playful spice set for your dining table hand-crafted from high quality wood for you and your loved ones to enjoy gathering around the table during any family occasion. 

Instagram: @mitsavor


Shot Drop

By: Shana Opperman, Priyanka Ray Barua, & Kevin Yu

Life is about making special memories with friends and family. With the Shot Drop, create shared moments of surprise, delight and joy with this novel shot pourer. Engineered at MIT for precision and designed for fun, gather and cheer as your favorite drink mimics the Charles River in a cascade that overflows and fills each glass with no-spill. As a bonus, it doubles as a unique hosting tray for party snacks, dips and treats. Choose from a frosted textured design as pictured, or a deep red with the MIT domecrowning the top. Custom engraving is welcomed and the set includes 4 stainless steel shot glasses. Cheers from MIT!

Instagram page: @Shot_drop
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