MIT’s Integrated Design & Management (IDM) will host our 3rd Annual Sales Gala on Thursday, December 14, 2017, 6:00pm – 9:00pm in the Sloan School of Management Roberts Family Forum/Siteman Dining Room (located in MIT’s building E62, at 100 Main St., Cambridge, MA). 

The IDM Sales Gala will showcase products designed, developed, and manufactured by IDM students. These beautiful and functional kitchen products will be available for purchase at the event and will make the perfect gift for someone you know. Stop by to shop and to learn more about the process and the program. Food and beverages will be served.


Product: Luna

Team name: The Luna Team

Description: Luna is a limited edition sauce dish, uniquely designed to add a new phase to your dining experience. It evokes meditative calmness. Take a moment to pour the sauce and enjoy the beauty unfold as it gently flows to reveal different phases of the moon. Luna is made from locally sourced maple wood. Each curve and contour has been milled in small batches and individually shaped by hand. Crafted and designed at MITidm. 

Preorder today!

Learn more on Luna’s Facebook page or check our their Instagram feed.


Product: plant.

Team Name: plant.

Description: Plant. is a pot that allows your plant to communicate with you and let you know when it needs water. When it is time to water your plant, Plant. changes its color from clear to white. Inspired by our love for plants, Plant. enables anyone to have a green thumb!

“Water me, thanks!”   -love, plant.


Product: prism

Team name: Midsummer Light’s Dream

Description: Prism, reflecting cherished memories of MIT and Boston. Add a touch of magic and warmth in your home with this silhouette candle frame. Gift set includes: frame, plant-based wax candle, and oil lamp.

Watch prism’s ad on Facebook.


Product: Shaori

Team name: Origami

Description: Inspired by Japanese Origami, Shaori is a foldable trivet designed to accentuate your kitchen while protecting your table from heat damage. Made from 100% wool felt and premium walnut wood, Shaori is a one-of-a-kind collectable gift that is hand-crafted and manufactured by MIT IDM students. Only 100 will be made, get your favorite number today!

Learn more on Shaori’s Facebook page.


Product: TIM

Team name: TIM

Description: The TIM the Beaver stainless steel bottle opener and MIT wooden ornament set is the perfect holiday combination. Rest TIM subtly on any countertop in your home, or bring TIM with you to surprise your friends at the next party.

Learn more on TIM’s website, Facebook page, or Instagram page.


Product: Tumbled Whiskey Stones– 4-piece city set and 2-piece MIT set

Team Name: Tumbled

Description: Made from locally-sourced soapstone, the Tumbled collection of hand-crafted whiskey stones can be cooled in any freezer and placed in a drink to keep it at the perfect temperature to bring out the rich flavor of your spirits without altering taste.  Enjoy your drink truly on the rocks, with the control to dilute it perfectly to your taste – and not just with whiskey, but any of your favorite low-volume drinks.  The two beautiful options are sold as a 2-piece MIT-themed stone set and a puzzle-like map of the Charles River area of Boston and Cambridge, both with wooden bases for displaying your stones on your counter, desk, or bar when not in use, and for transferring the stones to the freezer.  They’re great for enjoying with loved ones, sharing a moment with guests, or gifting to that hard-to-by-for friend. Whether it’s MIT or Beantown, let the place you love bring you together with a friend or two or three.  

Learn more on Tumbled’s Facebook page.


Product: Wood + Iron Magnetic Serving Board

Team Name: HAM + cheese

Description: The limited edition Wood + Iron magnetic serving board combines high quality hardwoods and rare-earth magnets to create an entertaining experience that is both elegant + functional.
Each serving board begins with carefully selected, high-grade walnut or cherry hardwood and is crafted entirely by hand. The powerful magnets embedded in the wood introduce an elegant way for users to secure their cheese knife to the serving board, preventing accidents or spills.

Learn more on the Wood + Iron Magnetic Serving Board website.