student headshot Anuj

“In the end, it’s all about how much of a net positive impact you can bring about for the people around you—and IDM inspires me to work toward building the things that will do so.”

Anuj aims to be precisely the type of innovative leader that IDM envisions to develop. His undergrad education at Nanyang Technological University and his work experience in the tech and nonprofit sector has greatly influenced his perspectives about technology and design. As a technology consultant at Teach For India, he was building modules for improving operational efficiencies and applications for fostering enhanced collaboration between fellows, alumni, and staff. “Working with a leading nonprofit in India has instilled in me the value of giving back to the community,” he says. Anuj is passionate about the Internet, mobile devices, and vertically integrated experiences that can create absolute delight for users. As a co-founder of, he was responsible for designing and building the mobile experience for the startup. “I’m super excited about what the intersection of design, business, and engineering can do for humanity,” says Anuj.