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student headshot azfar sulaiman

“Digital inclusion is critical to equitable access to opportunities.”

Technology has been an enabling force that has allowed Azfar to put on multiple hats as a product manager, consultant and strategist. But not all in Pakistan are so fortunate. He noticed a deep digital divide, acknowledging that underserved populations would be at a disadvantage if required to learn a new set of technology-focused skills in order to adapt to a changing job market. In the long term, Azfar aims to bridge the information gap through a refined understanding of human-behavior addressing the specific user needs, knowledge, and interests. His experiences have underscored that collaboration and user-focused problem-solving are the most vital skills to strengthen a future workforce. He aspires to be an empathetic leader at the nexus of business, design and technology whose human-centered design approach learned during his time at MITidm would ease adoption of new technology. Azfar holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Lahore University of Management Sciences.