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student headshot Matt Tucker

“We need to redesign our social contract to create an inclusive, human-centered vision of the future. My MIT experience has given me the skills I need to make that happen.”

As a Teaching and Research Assistant at the MIT Design Lab, Matt helps to teach courses and lead projects that use the human-centered design process and cutting-edge technology to solve difficult business problems. He specializes in using strategic design and platform approaches to help companies “future-proof” themselves in these uncertain times. Before coming to MIT, Matt studied sustainable development at UNC-Chapel Hill and won a national championship with the UNC Men’s Crew. After graduation, he built new products and programs at early-stage startups and the Harvard Business School, where he helped to start the Digital Initiative, an organization dedicated to understanding the digital transformation of the economy. As a member of the initial IDM cohort, he is an ardent believer in the program’s compassionate, rebellious culture and its interdisciplinary approach. Matt plans to use the new venture development skills and frameworks he has honed at MIT to help people around the world build a better future for themselves.

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