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multiple bras inside a drawer. Hands holding both sides of one of the bra straps

Problem Statement

The age of automation is here – artificial intelligence and machine learning are enabling breakthroughs in healthcare.  These breakthroughs are enabled by algorithms and the devices running them. Bigger and better data to train these algorithms are key to the direct outcomes and treatments of people’s healthy lives. These advances depend on data, but our data is missing… WOMEN. The promise of personalized medicine is limited – limited to those who are represented in the data .

Proposed Solution

We are using ordinary clothing to collect extraordinary data. We can accelerate progress, get the missing data on women’s heart health and build the most advanced AI system for women’s healthcare. These advances are heavily dependent on participation and data collection. Together we can eliminate bias from machine learning and AI in healthcare.

Bloomer Tech is transforming how people understand their bodies using ordinary clothing to collect extraordinary data.

Bloomer Tech is integrating advanced fabrics technology and machine learning to turn everyday clothes, such as a women’s bra into lifestyle medical and healthcare devices. Meaningful data is collected, analyzed and made accessible to users, doctors and medical professionals for real-time personalized healthcare, management and early detection.

Our tools accelerate progress on solving cardiovascular global health problems  and enable personalized healthcare practices. while building a reliable and vast data set on women’s health.