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student headshot Anna

“One of my dreams,” she says, “is to travel to developing countries and use design to create a positive impact on the world.”

Anna has a passion for giving back to the community and using her design skills to create meaningful experiences. After receiving a degree in American Studies – a blend of psychology and legal courses – from the University of California at Berkeley, Anna began her career working with underprivileged youth in San Francisco. She led county-wide youth development programs that provided employment and educational training to formerly incarcerated youth. While working in the non-profit sector, Anna rediscovered her creative side and began taking art and design courses. This led to a career pivot to eBay where Anna worked as a UX designer and then to Chegg as a Lead UX Designer. Chegg empowered Anna to combine her passion for education with design as she developed educational apps that helped students find colleges and scholarships. The IDM program strengthens Anna’s powers of design, equips her with the skills to be an entrepreneur, and will be the catalyst for launching her own social enterprise.