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student headshot Chacha

“One way or another, I will change the world, and this program will help me do so.”

A mechanical engineer and designer by trait, a chef at heart, and a cat lover through and through, Chacha has one goal in life: to do real and permanent good in this world. “Let the number of people I inspire 200 years from now be the measure of my success,” she says. After earning an engineering degree at MIT, Chacha studied at a culinary school in Italy. She plans to own an Italian restaurant, design the kitchen, run the business, and down the line run for governor and president. “As an undergraduate, I was told that I could solve any problem. I believe an engineer’s way of thinking can effectively achieve much progress in the often bogged-down political system.” When Chacha met with Matt Kressy, she was excited about the flexibility of the program, which allowed for her thesis to be a set of actions for social justice as opposed to a physical product.