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student headshot Dextina

“In today’s climate, it is important to bring as many people to the table as possible. Each voice is unique, and the more people we involve, the more representative the entrepreneurial space and the ideas will be.”

Dextina is a Brooklyn native with Caribbean roots. As a Fellow with Venture for America, a career accelerator for recent college graduates interested in learning how to build a business while making an impact, Dextina worked in Detroit for two years. She was an engineer at Shinola, a branding and manufacturing company known for its stylish, American-made watches, bikes, and leather goods. On Shinola’s audio team, Dextina helped create turntables, speakers, and headphones. Dextina graduated from MIT in 2015 with a degree in mechanical engineering. Back at MIT for a master’s in the IDM program, she hopes to sharpen her skills in building solutions and creating resources that will help empower people to pursue entrepreneurship.

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