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student headshot Honey

“The program is catalyzing my vision of creating a technology- based social enterprise and providing a holistic perspective on developing new ideas. I want to inspire new ways of solving user challenges.”

A Global Shaper-Innovation Lead with the World Economic Forum, Honey has conducted design thinking workshops for many prestigious institutions. She believes that imagination, empathy, and intuitive leaps—combined with extensive research—are essential for innovation. Honey is focused on identifying the patterns that underlie the reality of human behavior, and then learning from reactions, probes, and prototypes to design affordable, user-centric products for social impact. After graduating from Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology in Bangalore, Honey became a member of the core team at Embrace Innovations that conceptualized and developed an innovative and low-cost infant warmer for premature and low-birth-weight babies in developing countries. “The motivation of building products and the rush of rapidly converting an idea into something tangible is incomparable,” she explains. Honey is also keen about translating her experiences into real solutions and drawing from the experiences of her IDM peers to deepen her understanding of the human-centered design approach.

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