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student headshot Izabela

“Everyday I ask myself: How can I create new products and services that will empower people, so everyone can be independent, have equal opportunities, and contribute to creating a more meaningful world?”

From a very early age, Izabela became fascinated by how the world works. And that’s why at the age of 16, she moved from Poland to London to study and pursue her dreams. After graduating from Goldsmiths University, she joined Venturespring Worldwide as the head of innovation, where she worked with startups, big brands, and corporations. She studied and worked in London, Paris, San Francisco, and Japan, and most recently attended the Graduate Studies Program on Exponential Technologies at Singularity University, NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley. Today, Izabela is an innovation advocate and entrepreneur who is passionate about leveraging emerging technologies to drive scalable solutions to global problems.

When she arrived at IDM, Izabela was inspired by the ambitious mission of the program and by the courage and passion of her peers, who are constantly challenging the state of the world. Her focus is on artificial intelligence, its future implications, and how we will prepare society for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. She is particularly interested in AI applications, automation, and augmenting human skills and intelligence.