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student headshot sahas gembali

“Amazingly designed products and solutions become a proponent of job creation and economic growth . . . thus, positively impacting millions of people.”

Sahas learned the importance of thoughtful design in a way that had nothing to do with his work as an engineer. Instead, the epiphany came when he was a member of a volunteer clean-up crew in his neighborhood. No matter how many times the group removed the litter on a particular street corner, the garbage would inevitably return. The littering stopped only after the volunteers painted the building walls and placed potted plants and benches on the corner, creating a perception of cleanliness, beauty, and utility. Now Sahas dreams of solving large-scale challenges in his native India and taking the human-centered approach to improving the standard of living for the millions under the poverty line. Continuing his education with MITidm has helped him gain critical business skills to make those goals a success. Sahas graduated from Manipal Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

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