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student headshot sudhir jain

“I aspire to be empowered to understand user needs deeply and emotionally, while creating strategies and products which are feasible, elegant, profitable, and reproducible.”

The most passionate engineers wonder how they can contribute to society by using their skills to solve problems facing humanity. Sudhir got his first glimpse of how he could impact lives when he saw happiness on the faces of children using the ankle therapy devices he’d made for them. Realizing that innovation isn’t all about making money, Sudhir left the corporate world for a new journey. He landed at a start-up working to develop Guard-Ex, a drug- and alcohol-impairment detection device in pursuit of making roads safer. Sudhir’s scientific and engineering breakthroughs were critical to the successful prototype, but mass producing the product remained challenging. He is confident that MITidm has prepared him to excel in his life’s purpose to enhance lives around the globe. Sudhir earned a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the National Institute of Technology in India.

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