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MIT’s Integrated Design & Management (IDM) will host our 7th Annual Sales Gala on Monday, December 6th, 2021, 5:00pm – 8:00pm at the Media Lab – 6th floor (75 Amherst St, Cambridge.)

The IDM Holiday Sales Gala will showcase products designed, developed, and manufactured by IDM students. These beautiful and functional products will be available for purchase at the event and will make the perfect gift for someone you know. Stop by to shop and to learn more about the process and the program.


Thanks for coming!




Bake the World

Alex Crease, Chen Huang, Gabriela Torres, Nadine Zaza

Asian Mooncakes, European Speculoos, Middle Eastern Mamool, and Latin American Alfajores. All around the world, families come together to share the joy and tradition of baking and eating these cookies. Bake the World brings together four different cookie-making traditions from cultures across the globe for you and your family to experience together. Including a carved hardwood mold, a recipe book, and a pastry brush, Bake the World is the only cookie mold set combining different styles of cookies in a cohesive multicultural experience. Share the joy of baking traditions from cultures around the world with your loved ones this holiday season.



Saloni Bedi, Sahas Gembali, Zack Schmitz, Leandra Tejedor

Helio (noun) [hee-lee-oh]: relating to the sun

As humans continue to take steps into the next frontier of space exploration, it is essential to be reminded of the great astronomers and astronauts who paved the way before. Helio is a minimalist clock inspired by the early 17th and 18th-century instruments created to conceptualize and teach their understanding of the universe.

Helio is elegantly handcrafted with the same natural metals and wood initially used to model our solar system. The clock converts complex astrolabes, astrariums, and orreries into a modern design revolving orbital bodies around a focal point bounded by a stand formed as a celestial path.

Helio is designed to encourage conversation and curiosity. As such, 10% of our proceeds will be donated to STEM education to stimulate the next generation of space explorers.



Light of Plants

Aidana Daulbayeva, Matt Mai, Mieko Murao, Javier Ocampo, Cat Yu

Light of Plants is an acrylic lamp with 25 unique plant designs using two types of plastic and a wooden, hand-sanded base. Each lamp features a unique serial number on the bottom of the plant. Warm light brings coziness to any room, while the translucent acrylic symbolizes clarity of mind. The wood base’s unfinished, natural touch creates an organic connection with the world around us.

Light of Plants reminds us of the beauty and vitality of plants and to take time to care for ourselves and the world around us. As plants have a natural ability to give to their ecosystem through sustenance, shelter, and oxygen, we will do the same with our proceeds. We will be donating funds for 400+ meals to Boston Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter in Boston.

We hope Light of Plants will bring you warmth and comfort, inspiring radiance and connection this holiday season.

Instagram: @LightsofPlants


Eden Adler, Eunah Kim, Mari Georgiadis, Eunhae Lee

Ludica is here to bring more color to your gatherings this holiday season. Place Ludica on your coffee table and watch how its abstract shapes and adjustable form sparks questions, stories, and imagination from your guests. Inspired by the word “ludic” which means undirected playfulness, Ludica is the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones who enjoy hosting and bringing people together. Gently remove the individual pieces and use them as coasters to hold your favorite drinks. Even after the party is over, Ludica’s colors dazzle in the light replaying the moments and memories, reminding you of the special moments in your life.




Sarah Allibhoy, Akshita Goyal, Bam Singhasaneh, Manasi Vaidya

Muse is a statement lamp created as an ode to MIT, a place where the best minds are brought together and great ideas are born. The lamp showcases the vibrant ambiance of the MIT campus through seasonal flora preserved in resin. Our exclusive Keepsake edition features leaves from a special tree on campus, a descendent of the apple tree under which Isaac Newton discovered gravity.

Handcrafted with maple wood reclaimed from the floor of Rockwell Cage, the lamp allows you to bring back a piece of history while embodying the ethos of reuse in a beautiful design. Let Muse fill your home with the air of wonder and inspiration that many of us experienced at MIT.



Katie Chen, Masumi Ito, Daniel Jacobs-Luengo, Zach Sternberg

Particle is a sculptural lamp that sparks curiosity and encourages discovery by challenging our visuospatial perception. Get lost in three-dimensions as the complexity of the particle cloud converges into a Möbius strip, the simplest non-orientable surface in euclidean space. The form, inspired by Robert Engman’s piece exhibited in Barker library, just under the Great Dome, has been laser cut into a series of ten crystal-clear acrylic tiles utilizing an innovative technique developed by our team. Sitting at the intersection of artistic and technical expression, Particle embodies the interdisciplinary ethos we strive to create here at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



Slice of Pi

Jerome Arul, Anukriti Jain, Chiwon Lee, Azfar Sulaiman

Life can be irregular – and that’s ok! Slice of Pi encourages you to embrace the irrational, the imperfect and the transcendental that makes us human. Each of our slices are a multiple of a radian, with a tiny gap that represents the infinite expanse of the unknown.

At MIT humans and machines work together everyday to create cutting-edge science, but we decided to pick up a chisel and woodwork together. We’ve crafted an artisanal line of fun, food-safe, all-purpose vessels, inspired by the concept of pi, to be enjoyed in your home.

Freshly human-machined at MIT with love by Anukriti,  Azfar,  Chiwon and Jerome.

Instagram: @sliceofpi_mit


Andrea Quiros Balma, Jahanara Rahemtulla, Prem Sagar, Riley Shu

Timber is a strategy game for all ages inspired by TIM the Beaver, MIT’s Mascot. As nature’s best engineer TIM is an expert at finding and using timber to build dams. The goal of the game is to help TIM build a dam and eventually exit so he can go for a swim. The game is an embodiment of the true ‘Mens et Manus’ (in this case, paws) spirit of the school as it integrates strategy and dexterity. Timber is a limited edition and handcrafted wooden game made with reclaimed local wood; a decorative addition to your beautiful home or games collection.

The concept is deceptively simple, igniting healthy competition. It is a 2 player/team game. Each side takes turns removing logs from underneath the TIM chip and thereafter the logs must be placed on top of the pile to start building a dam. Logs will inevitably and dynamically rearrange. To win you will need to make the TIM chip touch the bottom of the base (go for a swim). If the TIM chip happens to fall out during your turn you will lose.