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MIT’s Integrated Design & Management (IDM) will host our 6th Annual Sales Gala on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 4:00pm – 5:30pm via Zoom.

The IDM Spring Sales Gala will showcase products designed, developed, and manufactured by IDM students. These beautiful and functional products will be available for purchase at the event and will make the perfect gift for someone you know. Stop by to shop and to learn more about the process and the program.




Product Gallery

MIT Flyer 01

Ad Astra (to the stars): Sudhir Jain, Hannah Oh, Kerry Xie

Per Ardua Ad Astra 

“Through Adversity to the Stars”

As you soar into your future, commemorate your time at MIT with a limited edition tensegrity keepsake.

MIT Flyer 01 celebrates your time at MIT and the adversities that you have overcome. Made of polished aluminum, locally sourced walnut, and acrylic, the MIT Flyer 01 is a unique art piece utilizing the structural principle of tensegrity. Add this awe-inspiring conversation starter to your desk or shelf!

Tensegrity (noun) ten·seg·ri·ty is an engineering idea that puts a system of components under tension, defying gravity to achieve the illusion of flight.


Instagram: @AdAstraMIT


Auream: Angélica Chíncaro, Amrutha Killada, Chinelo Onuoha, Leroy Sibanda

Auream, the Golden Ratio Tray, is inspired by the beauty of nature and the enigma of mathematics. A bold conversation starter, the front showcases the Fibonacci spiral in subtle resin gold as an homage to the graceful elegance of nature’s many masterpieces. On the back the design depicts the mathematical formula of the golden ratio, highlighting how math is usually present where we least expect it.

Aureum Trays are made of diverse premium wood types – Wenge from eastern Africa, Sapele from central Africa and Red Oak from Northern America – and then filled with food-safe metallic gold resin to bring the evocative spiral to life with each curve.

Much like the geometric fractal nature of shells located in the deepest oceans or the spiral star clusters of far away galaxies, our tray similarly follows this divine proportion to achieve harmony and functionality, perfect for hors d’oeuvres, accessories and much more!


Instagram: @auream.tray


TableTote, Inc.: Michelle Chung, Jen Shafer, Liane Yue, Jonathan Zhou

The TableTote is a lovingly and uniquely designed picnic basket that easily converts to a tabletop! Use it as a cheeseboard in the park, a sand-free snack surface at the beach, or a crafting caddy and workspace at home.

With natural materials and a modern and minimalist look, the TableTote is constructed to be beautiful, sustainable, and functional. The sturdy wooden base is covered with two vibrant canvas patterns — Hunter Green or the cute, classic Red Gingham. This fabric covering keeps your wine bottles or craft supplies secure, and it unsnaps to facilitate hassle-free cleaning. For extra comfort and portability, we’ve encased the handle in a leather sleeve, and the TableTote can conveniently fit in a BlueBike basket.



Instagram: @idmtabletote

Pollinate Hope

Pollinate Hope: Jake Drutchas, Harsh Gupta, Allison Harris, Mengke Wu

One in every three bites of food are brought to us by pollinators. Pollinators play a critical role in our ecosystem, but their populations have been declining in recent years due to habitat loss, climate change, and pesticides. These pollinators need our help.

At Pollinate Hope, we exist to support sustainable and intentional growth for both people and the environment. We plant with purpose; renewing our New England home with natural pollinators. With each seed planted, comes a new intention for the future and a moment of grounding. Together we will take action towards a more sustainable future.

Our hand-made planting kit supports local pollinator populations. With our kit, you will have the opportunity to plant pollinators in your home, set new intentions, and eventually ground your new plants in the Earth outdoors. To facilitate this experience, you will receive a multi-purpose planter, 3 seed starters sets hand-packed with love, 6 seed starter cups, 3 glasses for growing, and simple instructions for the journey.

Our product is designed for sustainability and locally sourced, from the wood gathered from a local, small artisanal mill in southern Massachusetts to the hand-picked seeds purchased from a wild seed project non-profit in Maine. Each decision was intentional, and we plan to reinvest in our community by donating 10% of our proceeds to a local pollinator organization.


Instagram: @pollinatehope


.re: Javier Agüera, Cierra Martin, María Risueño, Yash Trivedi

.re is a limited edition game with a bit of MIT character, transforming game night into a thought-provoking and exceptionally entertaining experience. When you purchase .re you officially own a piece of MIT. 

.re is an experience designed to reclaim conversations, created using repurposed wood from MIT’s student center circa 1970s. Each time, you rebuild the game, you have the opportunity to redesign the interaction, as each of the 54 maple blocks contain questions and challenges on each side, allowing a multitude of variations every time you play. We’ve recreated what it means to play “jenga,” creating an experiential opportunity to rememberrecollect, and revisit some of our favorite moments and favorite things about each other. Questions are designed to be exceptionally funny while reacquainting ourselves with one another post-pandemic, rediscovering what makes your closest friends and family special and reconnecting at a closer level. 

We reinvented the classic game to make you rethink (e.g. “what makes you, you?” or “what is something you believe that most people don’t?) while also prompting players to reveal some of their spiciest moments (e.g. narrate your first kiss cinematically) for some unforgettable reactions

As we revive socially, intellectually and emotionally after a long year of solitude, learn how to replay with loved ones who mean the most or friends you’ve just met and reimagine the future of game play.



Whale Tale

Whale Tale: Chieh Hsieh, Jitt Kasemsri, Nihara Kurian, Kate Tyshchenko

Boutique handcrafted charcuterie boards designed to be a memorable keepsake. An eclectic piece for your home, perfect for Sunday tea parties, family dinners, or date nights. Inspired by Boston’s transformative history deeply rooted in its connection to the sea and handcrafted with Maple and Walnut, hardwoods native to New England. The charcuterie board features an inlay of Boston’s beloved whale – Owl – which treats Boston Harbor as her summer home. The board is designed to be a conversation piece, that brings awareness to an integral part of the city’s history but also a conservation initiative that contributes to important causes to prevent overfishing and to raise awareness for Human Trafficking and Slavery in industrial fishing. 10% of profits will be supporting the Environmental Justice Foundation to help this cause.


Instagram: @thewhaletaleboard