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Attia sitting on one end of a large circle of people

Problem Statement

We are constantly negotiating. We are negotiating to get jobs, within jobs, with our spouses, kids, siblings, friends… where to go to dinner, where to spend Thanksgiving, or where to move. Often, this leads to conflict, because many of us have not learned or practiced how to have these conversations in a productive manner. This conflict can lead to disastrous outcomes, where we end up further away from what we want.

Proposed Solution

Attia Qureshi Consulting was founded to help people achieve more success in their daily negotiations. The business combines fundamentals of human centered design and principles negotiation. Both revolve around the needs of the person you are working with/designing for, and the combination helps form an optimal deal. I started embedding some design principles into negotiation, and consulting for organizations to teach workshops on the subject. I developed a strong passion and belief that the content improves the way people work together, ultimately driving more value in our world. I am co-writing a book with John Richardson on negotiation, which will be coming out in 2021. I was also able to go work in Colombia at the beginning of 2020, where I was helping farmers and guerillas with conflict around cocaine, and the effort to move away from growing the coca crop. The work is incredibly fulfilling, and I love developing new content that continues to integrate human centered design with negotiation and conflict resolution.