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student headshot Attia

“My philosophy is that a rich understanding of different cultures and ideologies can lead to solutions that are effective and efficient, and my hope is to work with people diverse in experience and perspective to add impact and beauty to the world.”

Attia grew up loving to paint, build things, and solve problems. After attending the Ross School of Business at Michigan, she backpacked through New Zealand and Australia for several months to feed her need for adventure and immersion into other cultures. She subsequently started work as a strategy consultant at IBM. “I liked the problem solving in consulting” she says, “however, I wanted the responsibility of helping grow a company.” This realization led Attia to the startup world, where she worked in the healthcare and education industries. Simultaneously seeking a way to help those around her, she started a non-profit in San Francisco for the underprivileged. During her last job as a product manager at Craftsy, Attia discovered a missing link in her professional journey. In product development, she could combine her passions and expertise to deeply understand user needs, develop strategies, and create products that help people in a sustainable and profitable way. With the goal of becoming a creative leader in the space, she came to IDM to learn the design and engineering aspects of product design.

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