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student headshot akshita goyal

"A good design pushes the boundaries of normalcy and acts responsibly.”

Akshita says the biggest problem plaguing the Earth is ignorance towards sustainable practices, and she was unintentionally contributing to the issue as a brand designer. While creating user centric aesthetic brands, she was increasing plastic in landfills and oceans, but now she is on a mission to imbue sustainability across organizations and their product life cycle. Innovation of any kind needs to be socially responsible, but that goal comes with challenges, particularly in developing countries like Akshita’s native India, where costs can be prohibitive. She founded a consultancy to help SMBs develop sustainable product design and marketing strategies while succeeding economically.​ Akshita is now spending her time at MITidm to become a better innovator and a thoughtful leader. Akshita holds a Bachelor of Design in Fashion Communication from the National Institute of Fashion technology, India.

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