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student headshot chinelo onuoha

“I am dedicated to designing products and solutions that make a tangible impact on the lives of people in underserved communities.”

One of the most important ways to improve lives is to address healthcare disparities. As the global population ages, accessibility and affordability of services are more important than ever, and Chinelo has witnessed the harm caused by limited healthcare options. During a medical mission trip to Nigeria she encountered challenges such as inadequate access and/or affordability to necessary medical care, misdiagnosis leading to incorrect medications being administered, and limited or nonexistent preventative care. While those scenarios might seem extreme, Chinelo recognizes that they are not isolated to rural Nigerian villages and, unfortunately, similar barriers to healthcare exist around the world. MITidm has connected her to collaborations that can help address these challenges through cross-disciplinary human-centered design. Chinelo earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh.