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student headshot hannah oh

“Selling a product is no longer about the good itself, but about creating an emotional experience and cultural value.”

As a New Zealander, Hannah grew up living the indigenous philosophy of total health and wellbeing, which includes physical, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions. This Māori concept of “Hauora” inspired her to use her creative talents to connect with the community. Hannah has learned that design is not only a visual element, but also a process and tool to identify a problem, and then create solutions. It’s an approach in thinking that she used in her work for a global fashion luxury brand as a designer. Hannah has expanded her expertise in business and engineering – but wants to create more than products. Her next focus is to do this through her MedTech startup, with which she will bring real value to the community while helping others achieve the four dimensions of Hauora. Hannah has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Environment & Design, with an interdisciplinary major in Digital Art, from Yonsei University in Seoul.

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