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student headshot Chinh

“I now have the emotional courage, knowledge, and tools to fulfill my purpose of making this world a better place, while improving lives across genders and borders.”

As an English learner who grew up in a developing country, Chinh knows first-hand the challenges that come with commanding a new language while advancing education and establishing a career. The complexity of English can be a barrier to those with aspirations beyond their native languages. Over time, Chinh gained the confidence to pursue her ambitions with a passion for humanity. Now she wants to bring low-cost, effective English instruction to millions of students, and Chinh is certain her MITidm and Legatum Fellowship experiences will position her to successfully expand the tools and products her start-up company, Learn-In-Context, can develop. Chinh earned a Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning degree from the National University of Civil Engineering in Hanoi, Vietnam. Her Master of City, Community and Regional Planning is from Boston University.

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