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“The lack of a nurturing and supportive environment can negatively affect bright kids, and I want to change the trajectory.”

Regardless of political, socioeconomic, or religious background, food has the power to unite us. From Memphis, Tennessee to Bonn, Germany, and many places in between, Cierra has led programs, partnerships, and initiatives across a range of social impact organizations centered around food, emphasizing the inequities in our food systems. She believes redesigning our food systems and centering those with lived experience is the only way to feed the world sustainably and equitably. Cierra is deeply committed to the causes of food security, economic development, and youth empowerment and is elevating her business knowledge with design-thinking skills and real-world innovation at MIT. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Commerce and Business from Rhodes College and has been awarded fellowships for food, agriculture, and social impact work in Cambridge, Dublin, Memphis, and Valdez.

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