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student headshot nihara kurian

“When a challenge is closely analyzed, perspective shifts, unveiling the overlooked, sparking insights that facilitate better solutions.“

An interdisciplinary designer with experience across multiple industries, Nihara has witnessed the power of focusing on the problem itself instead of chasing a singular “perfect” solution. Her unbounded curiosity fuels her dedication to uncovering and breaking down problems, pushing her to zoom out to understand all facets of the interplaying systems. Having learned from diverse empowered teams in end-to-end processes, she is armed to be an all-rounded contributor. Nihara advocates for users to be the north star, bringing value by understanding their behavior, context, and environment. She aims to implement a sustainable approach to going beyond just human-centric innovation, hoping to inculcate better habits, lifestyles, and ecosystems. At MIT, she worked with AgeLAB, STEM GEMS, and Hack4Inclusion to transform processes – demonstrating her aptitude for multiple domains and using her experience to draw parallels for a cutting-edge approach. Nihara earned a Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design and a minor in Business Systems & Service Design from Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology in India.

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