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student headshot Fahad

“While these decisions may morph, I know something that will be true upon graduation, as I walk across MIT’s commencement stage: I will have pushed the boundaries of my and MIT’s thinking, values, and beliefs.”

Fahad chooses to live and shape his career by design, actively listening to the society around him to redefine his path. Doing so in his academic and professional life has allowed him to showcase his unique voice. At Rice, Fahad majored in Mathematical Economic Analysis while indulging in theatre and history classes. At Deloitte, he dipped his toes outside of traditional management consulting roles: he developed a crowdsourcing and training platform, a voice-of- customer analysis tool for retailers, and Deloitte’s perspective on retailers’ approach towards disruptive innovation through leveraging technologies like AI and 3D printing. “These projects enabled me to see that a mix of human-centered and data-driven decisions creates robust business models and services,” he says. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, IDM is pushing Fahad to become the creative leader he aspires to be—one who can paint a vision and inspire others to build sustainable solutions together. Fahad plans to dive into intra- and entrepreneurial ventures that use human- centered design and technology to enhance human potential.

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