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student headshot Guillaume

“Software is already integral in product design and will change the way we see the world,” he explains. “I want to dedicate my life to building innovative products and wonderful user experiences that will have a positive impact on our society.”

Guillaume has always been fascinated by how powerful the combination of engineering and business could be. “I believe that people with knowledge in both disciplines command respect and leadership to develop innovative products”. He was born and raised in France, where he completed a bachelor in Applied Mathematics at Orsay university and a Masters in Management at HEC Paris. During business school, he helped develop an education structure for two years, and worked in corporate finance as part of two six-month internships at Crédit Agricole and Silver Lake Partners. “During that time, I decided to change paths to be in the heart of the innovation process without knowing exactly how to get there,” he says. “When I found out about IDM, I thought it was the perfect fit. I realized that design is the toolbox that I was missing: the cornerstone of meaningful innovations that fuels impactful collaboration between business and engineering”. Guillaume interned at Dassault’s 3DExperience Lab, a 3D-focused startup incubator to gain more insights on new product development techniques. He has also been learning how to use 3D modeling and simulation software.