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student headshot javier aguera reneses

“I believe we share a duty to prove that building ‘more humane technology’ is both feasible and economically sustainable.”

Is modern technology causing isolation and detachment among us in society? Javier acknowledges this is a debate that challenges the very essence of technology’s intent to connect people. But while some argue a growing reliance on mobile devices prevents meaningful personal engagement, he believes better, not less, technology can promote positive human-machine interaction. Javier says MITidm was an ideal opportunity to build on his entrepreneurial experience that began when he was just 15 years old with the development of Europe’s first Android smartphone. He has pledged his career to design solutions and collaborate to develop products that better respond to innate human needs. Javier received a Bachelor of Science degree in telematics engineering from the Comillas Pontifical University ICAI School of Engineering in Madrid.

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