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student headshot angelica chincaro donayre

"I want to bring to reality solutions that help others . . . which need high empathy, design sensibility, and business power.”

Leading the creation of a multidisciplinary team to overcome a major app and website crash in Peru’s leading movie theater chain made Angelica realize the magic of integrating different backgrounds to tackle complex situations. Bringing together marketing, design, and technology professionals not only solved the immediate crisis, but created a driving force for continued innovation within the firm and beyond. Now Angélica wants to apply the lessons learned in the corporate world to problems that have social meaning, including expanding access to quality education. With relentless curiosity and a passion for helping others, she says her time with MITidm and the MIT Teaching and Learning Lab has allowed her to match her own expertise with that of designers and engineers to create products with greater purpose – to relieve pain, give voice to those who need advocates, and even save lives. Angélica has a degree in marketing from Universidad de Lima and a graduate business degree with a specialization in Innovation Management.