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student headshot javier ocampo

“I aspire to empower any and all forms of economically disenfranchised peoples around the globe.”

Once an avid cyclist observant of the busy streets of Manila, Javi developed a unique lens into the chaotic and often inequitable realities of living in a growing city of 14M people. Javi’s affection for his hometown, coupled with his ambitions of improving economic conditions on a societal scale, leaves him with the constant challenge of how to make a difference. His experience building blockchain-based payment rails, virtual wallets, and affordable microloans for the financially excluded in the Philippines affirms that more people need access to impact-driven services like these. Javi is at MITidm – convinced that such new services require the design, engineering, and business components to work together to solve these problems at scale. Javi earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science, (IPE) from Fordham University.