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student headshot Jonathan Miller

"Common to either outcome,” he says, “is the humble first step made by a team with a dream— entrepreneurs, choosing to launch a venture."

With a background in applied research and business development, Jonathan seeks to drive concepts toward the marketplace. He has developed award-winning technical projects in computer science, mathematics, and chemistry, and was a researcher at a defense/ health non-profit facility. While an adjunct instructor at Penn State University and at Saint Francis University, Jonathan was honored as Western Pennsylvania’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Due to unforeseen life events, his small family faced financial, social, and mental pressures. “Entrepreneurship and teamwork sustained my family,” he says. “We developed several ideas into tech-driven companies by leveraging the right combination of ‘bits, atoms, and brains.’” When asked how he thinks best, he says, “through rowing, trail running, and splitting firewood.” In the IDM program, Jonathan is focused not only on working with organizations to make them sustainable, but also on empowering economically marginal areas, such as his home region in Pennsylvania, where staple industries like mining and steelmaking have declined, taking economic opportunity and young minds with them. He has seen how people brought together through successful enterprises can rebuild towns and revitalize major cities such as Pittsburgh.

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