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student headshot Meghan

“To achieve a broader impact,” she says, “I’m learning how to design products that meet a business objective while creating social value.”

Meghan is an architect and designer whose work considers human experience, the built environment, digital fabrication, and materials science. Working across disciplines and scales, from products to buildings, she uses design to make technology accessible and to connect people with their environment. In her early career as an architect, Meghan worked with the global non-profit Partners In Health to increase the standard of healthcare for thousands of Haitians through a large-scale teaching hospital. It was through this experience that she realized the success of the project was dependent on more than just design—it needed long-term vision and a strategic business model. Becoming increasingly interested in fabrication and materials, Meghan joined Formlabs, a startup that makes desktop stereolithographic 3D printers and materials. As one of the company’s first designers, she worked on the launch of the Form 1+ and Form 2 and developed use applications for various disciplines, including engineering, design, architecture, and dentistry. Today, her research merges her expertise in 3D printing with her background in architecture to focus on creating adaptable, deployable temporary structures via 3D printing.