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student headshot Juliet

“My vision is to reinvent manufacturing processes, create new jobs, and revitalize markets by developing innovative products and technologies that transform our daily lives.”

Growing up in Kenya, Juliet was always curious about the intersection of technology and design, which led her to work in Kenya’s Silicon Savannah at startup companies such as iHub, BRCK, FabLab Nairobi, and Gearbox, in addition to international technology programs at Stanford and the MIT Design Lab. As the founder of Foondi Workshops, Africa’s capacitybuilding platform for young innovators, Juliet helps drive solutions to challenges in transport, energy, healthcare, and security. She graduated from the University of Nairobi, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Information Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, and Computer Science. MITidm has offered her a multi-faceted approach to design and development. Her vision is to utilize the internet of things to develop products and services that serve the growing technology market in Kenya and elsewhere.