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student headshot kate tyshchenko

“Experiencing failure and working through trial and error has provided great motivation to think big and push boundaries.”

If Kate listened to every warning she heard, she might never have left her small town in Russia to pursue higher education, or continued on to Europe, and eventually Canada. Kate might never have taken a career risk that paid off. But the non-conventional girl who preferred learning about computers and microcontrollers followed her dreams and noticed problems that needed solutions. Kate built a marketplace for adults to make connections that address social isolation, and scuba diving raised her awareness of ocean pollution. She knows the world’s problems cannot be solved with one skillset, and MITidm has helped her partner with other creative minds and strengths. During her time at MIT Kate & her 2 co-founders started Moshion – a healthtech startup which won MIT’s 100K Audience Choice award in 2021. Kate graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and earned a Master of Applied Economics from University of Regina.