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student headshot manasi vaidya

“I practice designing for accessibility on a daily basis, exploring solutions for the differently-abled.”

Manasi’s interest in education was sparked as she volunteered to be a scribe for students with dyslexia while she was in high school. Their struggle with a learning disability that was obviously at odds with conventional learning methods made it clear to Manasi that there was a systemic education problem to be solved. But the need for inclusivity and accessibility apply to all kinds of abilities. Manasi’s research revealed a stark disparity between how average members of society view the world versus the minorities – those with disabilities – and many initiatives or projects tend to focus on average users. How do you create something relevant to one group without excluding another and ultimately ignoring accessibility requirements? She believes it can be done. Manasi has a Bachelor of Design degree from Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology.

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