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student headshot Matt Rosen

“I’m interested in the intersection between emerging markets and emerging technologies,” says Matt. “It’s an area where interdisciplinary thinking has great potential to create impactful change.”

A designer, inventor, and engineer, Matt is inspired by thoughtful connections and elegant ingenuity. He is passionate about working with great teams to build sustainable products and services that improve quality of life and access to opportunities. After graduating from Tufts University with a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering, Matt led and supported teams for four years at Global Good/Intellectual Ventures Laboratory near Seattle. He helped develop technology-based solutions to challenging issues in global health and global development through creative thinking, proof-of-concept testing, and prototype development in a sophisticated, fast-paced startup environment. Some of his past projects include creating a novel diagnostic reader for malaria, a high-efficiency thermoelectric vaccine refrigerator and ice-maker, and ultra-sensitive rapid diagnostic tests and sample preparation technologies.