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student headshot Nava

“The world is full of opportunities. I play, explore, and make assumptions... only to prove them wrong, try, experiment, fail, fail harder, and never give up.”

Nava is an artist and designer, a playful creative, and experimenter. As an experience designer, she worked for innovative brands such as Tesla, Lexus, and Nissan after earning a Bachelor of Architecture degree from California Polytechnic State University. Nava also imagined the future of physical architecture, future of retail, and conversational commerce through her work at MIT’s Auto-ID Laboratory. She is fascinated by people and their cultures, and the potential for finding solutions to problems they don’t yet know exist. While pursuing her Master of Science in the MITidm program, Nava is a researcher at the MIT Design Lab, working on adaptive products that respond to passive and active sensory feedback.

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