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student headshot Rachel

“I imagine combining human capabilities with technological advancements to solve real problems that real people face every day.”

Rachel is a storyteller, a breakfast enthusiast, a boxer, and an aspiring novelist. She is also a firefighter’s daughter, a sister to an Army ranger, and someone who thinks about the kind of world in which she wants to be a mother. Rachel most recently worked as an art director for an ad agency in New York City, where she was engaged in a wide variety of projects — from unconventional digital experiences and branded content to traditional print and broadcast advertising media. For Rachel, being part of MITidm is the start of a career change in which she is now able to explore ideas and innovation on a path her previous profession stopped short of pursuing. She believes that a better understanding of how people interact and function at the beginning of product development will enable us to create solutions that better fit into our lives. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design Communications from Belmont University