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student headshot saloni bedi

“People don’t just buy products. They invest in them, make them part of their lives, and grow with them.”

In her research and design work over the years, Saloni realized that products are not thrown away because they have no value; they are replaced because they don’t evolve with people and their needs. That’s what turned her focus to developing products and experiences that evolve with the user, and being empathetic to how they can improve lives. An immersive research experience in tribal India proved that Saloni’s assumptions about that community’s health care needs were incorrect: medical kits weren’t the solution to illness, but water purifiers would help keep the people from getting sick in the first place. Most recently, Saloni designed a machine which can manufacture eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic tableware and can also generate micro-entrepreneurship opportunities in India. Saloni graduated from India’s MIT Institute of Design program in Industrial Design.

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