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student headshot Sophia

“Working with a diverse group of people interested in the crossroads of all three fields in an open experimental context allows me to develop the skills I need to become a successful, design-minded business leader.”

Sophia is a creative problem solver who continues to discover opportunities to create more effective solutions to the problems people face every day. While studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, Sophia developed a process-driven design philosophy: ask deep questions, understand stakeholders’ needs, and work through many design iterations to reach the most effective solution. “Great products are a dance among business, engineering, and design,” she notes, “with the contributions of one flowing indistinguishably into the other.” After graduation, her passion to understand how a product ecosystem provides value to society and her goal of bringing technology closer to people led her to work as a user experience designer, her clients included Akamai, Salesforce, Novartis, Bloomberg, EMC and Docker. Sophia’s curiosity about the ever-changing technological landscape and her mission to improve the product design and development process via cross-disciplinary collaboration brought her to the IDM program at MIT.