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student headshot Suneeta

“Learning is an intrinsic and continuous process in life that shouldn’t be limited by age,” she says. “And learning techniques have a huge impact, because they can break a person’s interest in the subject or can help them reach new heights.”

Suneeta’s background in computer science engineering and her specialization in toy and game designing have fueled her passion for working with new technologies in the field of learning and development—and with users in diverse age groups. In 2013, she joined the startup KNOLSKAPE as head of the design team. Within a year, Suneeta was promoted to design manager. During that time, the training industry ranked KNOLSKAPE as one of the top 10 global gamification companies in the world. Suneeta was responsible for designing simulations that were used to train managers on implementing managerial concepts in real-world scenarios. Today, these simulations are used in technology-based companies and across various sectors, such as financial services, banking, and products and services. She also developed recruitment processes that helped the company halve the time and money spent on recruiting talent. But the projects that Suneeta enjoyed the most focused on helping people of all ages, from developing educational toys for children with hearing disabilities and autism to using the skills of underprivileged women artisans from the villages of India to create a range of playful products made from byproducts of the fabric industry.