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student headshot Alex Klein

“It’s my job,” Alex says, “to make sure the best ideas make it out alive.”

Alex is an experienced ethnographic researcher and design strategist. He studies different microcosms of people (e.g. breastfeeding moms, pharmacists, retirees) to develop a deep understanding of their lives. To do that, he sits in people’s living rooms, follows them shopping, and observes them at work. Alex uses that empathy to design products and services that help solve human problems. He loves this type of work because, “it constantly shows you the world through others’ eyes.” Alex has worked with some of the biggest companies in the United States to launch new products and services. Recently, Alex spent a year as the UX lead to redesign a Fortune 20 company’s e-commerce platform. Through the immersive IDM experience, Alex hones his ability to prototype and develop real products, so that he can help lead ideas from imagination into tangible realities.

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