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student headshot Tammy

“An MIT master’s degree in IDM will play an essential role in helping me to achieve my dream.”

Tammy not only is a creative and enthusiastic engineer, but also a caring designer and entrepreneur. With a strong background in human-centered design and mechanical engineering, she is now developing a product based on emotional needs for people with long distance relationship. Prior to MIT, Tammy co-founded Rawant’s Lab with the belief that invention can create a better world—and everyone has the potential to be an inventor. They built an idea crowd-sourcing platform specialized in turning ideas into products and bringing them all the way to the market. Meanwhile, she completed her first master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at National Taiwan University. Starting from scratch, she created a social robot that enables children with autism to express their inner thoughts. “Developing the functionality, locomotion, and child-appealing exterior has been challenging,” she says, “but the potential to help children makes the effort very rewarding.” Tammy was drawn to the IDM program because of its mission to develop the next generation of multidisciplinary innovators, designers, and thought leaders. Her future goal is to marry her background in and passion for design and engineering and launch a company under her own brand with a focus on designing and producing unique products that help people.