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student headshot Maria

“Through the IDM program, I will continue growing. My heart will beat in a Venn diagram to the rhythm of engineering, design, and a business plan.”

Her insatiable curiosity and preference for mechanisms led Maria to pursue a mechanical engineering degree and a master of engineering at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. While supporting the production of wind- and hydro-chargers for military applications, Maria was inspired by the needs of people living in remote communities and her desire to contribute to their prosperity and growth. “Most of the people living on top of huge oil reserves are the same disadvantaged ones that inspired my work in alternative energy,” she notes. An engineer by choice, a designer by heart, and a manager by luck, she wants to dedicate her life to the art of producing appealing, functional, and accessible products. Working as a wireline engineer for Schlumberger enabled Maria to enlarge her ambition of creating a reputable brand of energy-efficient products. “Curiosity and perseverance brought me to this point, and will help me bring sustainable solutions to the world” says Maria.

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