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student headshot Tianqi

“I believe that future technologies should not only focus on improving efficiency but also create empathetic experiences.”

Artificial intelligence is becoming ubiquitous, a testament to advances in technology and design. But Tianqi is concerned that this is only creating a world in which people mostly interact with intelligent — but emotionless — computers instead of humans. We already see hints of that, as the mobile internet connects people no matter their distance, while at the same time, keeping them estranged behind screens. Tianqi believes that if robots are more than a tool, empathetic user experiences are possible. She knows interdisciplinary collaboration is the key to the future success of emotional AI. Tianqi’s desire to improve her business and systematic management skills led her to MITidm. She has two undergraduate Bachelor of Science degrees, one in management and the other in biostatistics, from Zhejiang University in her native China.