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IDM student with their face peeking through a piece of styrofoam
Some of you, ever since you were kids, had people saying, ‘Oh you have such a great visual sense, you should be a designer… Oh, you're so good mechanically, you should be an engineer.

Neal Yanovsky
former president of Panera Bread

So now you think, what your skills are, how you approach things, affects what you do. But what a lot of us don’t realize is that it works the other way too. What you do actually affects how you think. The work you do changes you. And there’s a lovely quote on this: ‘the artist in making a sculpture, makes equally a sculptor.’ I could have made this point without that quote, but if I have a chance to come to MIT and quote the world’s foremost expert on the transformative power of work, Karl Marx, I’m going to quote Karl Marx because I don’t think anyone else here at MIT is doing that.