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student headshot Prateek Kukreja

“I’m obsessed with technology and design, specifically in marrying the two to create a product.”

An electrical engineer turned software geek, Prateek has a passion for solving problems. At the University of Maryland, he majored in electrical engineering and completed a competitive honors program in entrepreneurship and innovation. This trend continued when he began his career at Microsoft as a software engineer for a team specializing in developing custom products for large public-sector defense clients. Prateek and his team were responsible for the entire product development process – identifying client needs, turning needs into design prototypes, and then building and deploying the final products. As a result, Prateek developed a strong understanding of what it takes to go from ideation to product execution. Prateek then took his talents to New York City, where he worked for AOL to lead a new consumer product team. During his time in New York, Prateek also worked with his brother and friends on several side projects, such as Phoned, a recruiting platform, and Quotail, an options research and analytics platform. At IDM, Prateek is exploring new technologies and how design can be used to build better products and stronger business ventures.

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