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student headshot leandra tejedor

“I am ready to take the next step in my career to connect my love of prototyping and user research to an extended understanding of business operations.”

The first time Leandra made something that other people could use, something that solved their problems, she was blown away. She couldn’t believe the power of code to make a real visible impact in the world. She hadn’t realized she could use her design and programming skills for real solutions for people, not companies, until after college when she started attending hackathons and working with others of different backgrounds. Inspired, Leandra and her co-founders started a company that would allow youth to see the impact of their code right away, a creative coding platform and education curriculum focused on teaching computer science through personal expression. Nearly a decade later, Leandra wants to make those experiences even more accessible outside of education. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Interactive Media from Ramapo College.

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