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Zap team members standing at Oath location

Problem Statement

How can pizza delivery and take-out become a more enjoyable experience? 60% of all online food deliveries are pizzas! With pizza take-outs and deliveries becoming a bigger portion of Oath’s brand experience, how can the Oath pizza box keep the pizza hotter and crispier while providing a more sustainable and delightful experience? The box should be more than just a means for pizza transportation, but a full experience.

Proposed Solution

Thinking outside of the pizza box, we introduce to you Zap, an optimized, thermally efficient pizza box that ensures heat retention, crispiness, and happiness upon delivery and take-out. Our box is biodegradable and has the potential to be a game changer in the ever-growing food delivery space. Zap brings happiness in all senses, making the take-out and delivery experience one-of-a-kind.